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Disposable testlungs

The MedCare Visions® disposable test lung 64ml for use in neonatology and 1000ml for use in adult medicine was designed for the hygienic set-up of ventilators of all kinds. The ventilators can be prepared with the test lungs for the next use and the setting parameters can be checked and calibrated. The construction and design of the test lung (disposable) simulates the function of the ventilator on a human lung. The prepared ventilation hose system is kept hygienic by the disposable test lung until the patient is used.

In principle, test lungs cannot be processed in a qualified manner due to the hollow body design. The costs of processing are immensely high. Residual moisture in the test lung may lead to significant colonization and proliferation of pathogens. Therefore, in this area, disposable test lungs within the framework of certified quality management and hygienically perfect application are the only possible option.

The MedCare Visions® test lungs, disposable, are perfectly hygienic and also free of latex and DEHP.

Test lung, disposable – for use in neonatology (64ml) and adult medicine (1000ml) for a simple function test of ventilators to simplify clinical workflows.

If you have any questions about the use of the test lung in neonatology, pediatrics or adult medicine, or if you need additional information about the test lung, please contact our service (see below) at any time. We are looking forward to your contact.




Product Description Ordering Number
Testlung (disposable) neonatal/pediatric 64ml MY151021
Testlung (disposable) adults/pediatric 1000ml MY151022

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