neoSAVE® lV

Die flexible Transportlösung für Früh- und Reifgeborene
  • Standardisation
  • Modular Design
  • Integrated Child Monitoring

Application Areas

  • Hospital
  • Ambulance

neoSAVE® lV

One of the major challenges in neonatology is the transport of premature and full term babies. The infants should be optimally treated with warmth and the latest intensive care options. At the same time, the transport must be carried out in accordance with all relevant standards, safely and gently. In addition to road transport, air transport, whether by helicopter or fixed wing, is steadily increasing. We have made the neoSAVE® IV fit for the future. We combine our specialist knowledge of neonatology and rescue services with years of experience in the development and manufacture of transport solutions and our competent manufacturers in the field of intensive care incubators.

Standardization & flexibility

neoSAVE® IV – flexible transport solutions for babies redefined – The transport of babies is always an exceptional situation – especially for those accompanying them. Clear structures in the workplace, a high degree of standardization and a tidy design are the basis for high-quality and safe treatment in every situation. For us, flexibility means: we adapt to the users of our products! We try to organize transport solutions as close as possible to the established clinical standard in order to ensure operational safety for intensive care treatment.

The only binding maxim is that the legal and normative requirements are met. Everything else determines the everyday life of our users. Flexibility also means meeting the changed framework conditions – transport incubators are usually approved for babies up to 7 kg body weight. There is no room for bigger babies. The neoSAVE® IV transport solution is optionally equipped with an ISOFIX bracket and enables the transport incubator to be replaced by an approved child seat.

One for all

The new neoSAVE® IV incubator platform is designed to one system covers all applications. Whether for road transport as a longitudinal or transverse installation, whether in a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft with the new dimensions and consistently reduced weight, you can use whatever means of transport is available. Optionally, we integrate interfaces to all common loading systems and ensure that the operator can always adapt to new requirements of his rescue service providers.

The drastic weight reduction through a new energy concept & the new transport incubator enables the standardcompliant integration of treatment options such as HFO and NoX. We have also redefined carrying ergonomics during transport. Rotatable handles and optional double handles effectively protect users from damage to health and make loading in helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft child‘s play.

Gas and electricity supply

The mobile gas supply is subject to change. New cylinder formats and performance features of pressurized gas containers do not make life easier when transporting patients. For the first time in the transport of babies, we have developed a gas cylinder holder in which the cylinders stand. The advantage of a format-independent holder enables a secure fit and enables a checking view of the fill level and further information of the intelligent cylinder valves. Our
newly developed multifunctional holder enables the use of 2 – 5 liter compressed gas containers and cylinders with integrated pressure reducers (LIV) can also be used without problems. The supply line from the central gas supply is made possible via a space-saving spiral hose , the system automatically switches from central to bottled gas supply. The neoSAVE® IV sets new standards thanks to the outstanding incubator technology from Atom.

Only less than 10% of the weight of the batteries of the previous model is sufficient for 180 minutes of operation. The new lithium-ion technology only needs 2 kg battery weight to have one and a half times the power of earlier transport incubators. Optionally, the range can be doubled with a second battery pack. The loading of all complementary products on the neoSAVE® IV platform takes place through a central supply line with automatic cable rewind. The system is equipped with an automatic switchover between the individual types of power supply. Optionally, 12 and 24 volt connections are available.

neoSAVE® IV meets Atom Incu Arch

For 20 years we have been working successfully with a world market leader in the field of incubator technology for infants. With its business strategy of taking responsibility for innovations in absolute niche markets, Atom is unique in the world. The Incu Arch stands for that. As a transport incubator module, small, compact and equipped with high-quality functionality, it enables infants to be optimally looked after during transport, just like in an intensive care unit. You can work on the child from both sides – 4 access ports allow a work handle like in the intensive care unit. The large, completely foldable front panel gives the child full access in seconds. The rest of the hood can be folded back so that work can also be carried out on the baby from above.

The mattress plattform of the incubator can be pulled out towards the front – large tube introduction ports on both sides enable the infant to be repositioned without disconnection. Comprehensive monitoring of the infant can be integrated. In addition to the standard skin temperature monitoring, the monitoring of the room oxygen concentration and the monitoring of the infant‘s vital parameters by means of a pulse oximeter (Masimo / Nellcor) can optionally be integrated. The new 20 G hangers connect the Incu Arch to the neoSAVE® IV platform in compliance with the standards, but detachable, so that the incubator (25 kg) can be exchanged for an optionally available child seat in no time at all *. Children up to 13 kg can now also be transported in a certified manner.

Artificial venntilation

neoSAVE® IV – We equip the flexible transport solution for premature and full term babies with the TV-100 as standard. This certified transport ventilator is a light weight of approx. 7 kg including a battery capacity of up to 11 hours. A wide range of ventilation modes is available for neonates: whether flow or volume trigger, whether invasive or non-invasive, the TV-100 enables you to use all ventilation variants up to mono/ binasal nCPAP ventilation with prongs or mask, high-flow therapy , or just the connection of a ventilation bag for preselecting Fi02 values. The mounting concept enables safe use on external transport, but can also be removed quickly and easily from the transport incubator for internal purposes. Other ventilators such as the Hamilton T1, Leonie plus Transport, Eve etc. can of course also be integrated on request.

* requires the option Ord.-No .: ATCM6636500 option ISOFIX for neoSAVE® IV

More about the product

Product SKU
neoSAVE® IV Modular interface transport incubator ATCM6636NV
Incu Arch transport incubator for operation with lithium-ion battery without chassis ATCM62100-1
ISOFIX option for neoSAVE® IV ATCM6636500
Maxi-Cosi® FamilyFix 360 for neoSAVE® IV ATCM6636510
Maxi-Cosi® Pebble 360 for neoSAVE® IV unique, 360° rotating infant car seat for maximum comfort, user-friendliness and safety from the first day to approx. 15 months, body height from approx. 40 to 83 cm, body weight from 0 to 13 kg ATCM6636520
Adapter for neoSAVE® on the Stryker® Power Pro XT chassis in accordance with DIN EN 1789 (item no.: ATCM66341971 must be installed on the neoSAVE® platform) ATCM6636200

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