Needle Electrode Sets

for aEEG devices

Application Areas

  • Hospital

Needle Electrode Sets

  • 12 mm x 29 gauge uncoated medical grade stainless steel EEG/aEEG needles
  • Very low-profile hub allows the needle to lay flat against the scalp or skin
  • Conical tip is designed to be sharp and easy to insert with no hooked tips and minimal bleeding
  • Individual-sealed, disposable needle electrodes per box, color coding due to the connectors of the different aEEG amplifiers
  • Good signal quality with low impedance
  • DIN 42802-1 safety sockets
  • Unique Protectrode™ retractable blue cap protects you from needle sticks
  • Single patient use only
  • Latex Free


More about the product

Product SKU
Needle electrode set (2 pieces) with reference electrode (1 piece) for 1-channel aEEG applications (OBM/BRAINZ/CFM/BRAINTREND) OL4162056
Needle electrode set with reference electrode (1 PU = 10 sets of 5) for aEEG applications (OBM/BRAINZ/CFM/BRAINTREND) OL5100046
Needle electrode set with 6 needle electrodes (incl. REF and GND for aEEG applications (nëo brain function monitor) OL5100048

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