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InHo Trans™

In the area of neonatology, the central focus nowadays is on aspects of developmental care. In addition to a wide variety of special forms of therapy, keeping small patients away from any repositioning while they are being transported from the delivery room to the NICU, operating room or other examinations is an essential factor for reducing stressful situations. Furthermore, innovative transport concepts help save on personal and material resources. InHoTrans™ is the flexible transport concept for every range of application and every kind of patient.

The configuration of the fully flexible basic system can be customized any way you like – from a simple transport system with gas supply to a complex intensive care transfer system with HFOV artificial respiration, NO application or ECMO. The universal EasyClick docking mechanism fits any incubator or warming and toddler beds that have a standard rail (25x10mm). Various adapter systems make it possible to connect toddler beds as well as Stiegelmeyer
or Hill-Rom beds for adults. The system is easy to maneuver, saves a lot of space and is connected to the therapy work station via a simple hand grip.
The option of a connection on the front between the shuttle and therapy work station simplifies the work flow at the NICU/PICU/ICU and makes it possible to carry out internal transports easily and efficiently.


More about the product

Product SKU
InHoTrans™ – Inter-Hospital-Transportation The shuttle system for custom neonatological transport in a hospital Complete system consisting of a basic system with a tray (650 x 450 mm) above the chassis and a skirt on the front and rear side, vertically adjustable four-hook top and two horizontal equipment rails. Four conductive swivel casters with a diameter of 100 mm and two swivel/support rollers with a diameter of 75 mm make optimal maneuverability possible. Two rollers are fixable. The overall system is extremely stable and can support loads of up to 150 kg ATCM13000-1
Support plate W 720 mm x D 320 mm for ventilator, with front and rear edge strip ATCM13100
Device rail suitable for weighing L 650 mm x W 25 mm x H 10 mmste ATCM13150
Device rail for lateral, horizontal mounting L 350 mm x W 25 mm x H 10 mm ATCM13151
Narrow cable suspension ATCM13170
Wide cable suspension ATCM13171
Drawer module for docking trolley, L 650 mm x W 350 mm x H 120 mm ATCM13180
Docking mechanism for Stiegelmeyer beds ATCM13185
Docking mechanism for Hill-Rom beds ATCM13186
UPS uninterruptible power manager for docking trolley model (SMX1200XLHG), 220 - 240 V; output: 1000 VA; dimensions: 323 x 190 x 231 mm in accordance with DIN EN 60601-1 and DIN EN 60601-1-2 and EN 60950; weight: 20.7 kg; runtime: 11 minutes at full load (750 W), 27.5 minutes at half load (375 W) ATCM13300
Gas cylinder holder for 3-liter compressed gas cylinders (oxygen or compressed air) on the Universal docking trolley ATCM12980
Gas cylinder holder for 5-liter compressed gas cylinders (oxygen or compressed air) on the Universal docking trolley ATCM12981
Triple distributor compressed air with automatic changeover switch ZGV/bottle and rail claw MC010290
Triple distributor oxygen with automatic changeover switch ZGV/bottle and rail claw MC010291
Compressed air pressure reducer (standard) for shuttle MC29009941

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