Phototherapy at the highest level
  • Hochintensive Bestrahlung
  • Optimale Wellenlänge
  • Längere Lebensdauer

Application Areas

  • Hospital


According to the relevant statistics, 80% of premature infants and 60 % of full term infants are clinically affected by hyperbilirubinemia. With intensive phototherapy, the BL70 phototherapy system ensures that jaundice is treated safely, efficiently and gently.

High-intensity irradiance

  • Equipped with a high-intensity LED cold light source with minimal heat generation, the BL70 phototherapy system is ideal for long-term treatment
  • Due to the maximum irradiance of 63μW/cm²/nm, the bilirubin degration by the BL70 phototherapy system is increased and the treatment time is shortened
  • With the five levels of irradiance adjustment, the BL70 phototherapy system enables treatment that is optimally tailored to the needs of the patient.

Longer service life

The lifespan of the LEDs in the BL70 phototherapy system is up to 50,000 hours, ensuring undisturbed clinical use and drastically reducing costs for the operator.

Optimal wavelength

The BL70 phototherapy system offers a peak spectrum wavelength at 449 – 461nm. This wavelength has been confirmed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to be the most effective at reducing unconjugated bilirubin! All UV wavelengths close to the skin that are harmful to the skin have been removed from the spectrum! The BL70 phototherapy system is therefore ideal for treating newborn jaundice.

Uniform irradiance distribution

In addition to the factors of intensity and wavelength, the even distribution of light over the body surface is decisive for the success of the therapy. Thanks to its special optical design, the BL70 phototherapy system guarantees a minimization of scattered light and a concentrated high level of light coverage of the entire exposed body surface. This ensures intensive phototherapy.

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Phototherapy lamp BL70 CO1070
Irradiance probe for phototherapy system BL70 CO1075
Trolley for BL70 CO1073
Slip-resistant feet for Phototherapy lamp BL70 CO1074

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