Ear protection for babies
  • Maximum comfort
  • 100% cotton
  • Special Y-design

Application Areas

  • Hospital
  • Ambulance


With very few interruptions, a fetus sleeps deeply for about 80% of its time. When they are born, the well-being of premature and mature babies is is permanently disturbed by noise and unfamiliar sounds.

This is because the clinical daily routine with all its noises and interventions, denies the premature infant the opportunity to sleep extensively, soundly and deeply. Studies have shown that noises, such as the closing of hand openings on the incubator, can cause noise levels of 120 – 135 db. This corresponds to the volume of a rock concert.

However, quiet and undisturbed sleep is a prerequisite for rapid, healthy growth and development of the child‘s brain! In addition, it has been intensively discussed for a long time that loud acoustic stimuli can be responsible for later behavioral problems and hearing damage.

Application areas

  • In intensive care, during examinations, during transportation
  • Decrease of noise by at least 7 dB (corresponds to a reduction of the audible volume of approx. 50%)
  • Impeccable hygiene, as it can only be used once


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Product pcs SKU
Hearing protection babyMUFFS® individually packed in pairs 36 pairs NA420001/1

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